1st year anniversary

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Thanks to everyone for helping Java Drive have a great first year.

I am looking forward to making more great coffee in the year ahead!

MRASA Toy Run 2013

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The 2013 MRASA Toy Run was held on 8th December and Java Drive made an appearance there too, making coffee for riders as they waited to get going. It was great to see so many riders getting into the Christmas spirit! The photos don’t give a true indication of how many were there; the line stretched right around in a long curve 🙂



Spiced hot chocolate now available

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Spiced hot chocolate poster A4

Almond milk now available

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I am trying out almond milk in the Java Drive van for a week or two; why not give it a try? It’s delicious! Of course I still have the wonderful Fleurieu Milk, which is what I serve unless you specially request soy milk or almond.

Dancing and coffee in the Adelaide Hills

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I visited the English Ale in Mylor this weekend. It was a great day, catching up with friends and lots of music and dancing – I even got to dance a couple of times, which was fantastic. I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did!


Boutique tea range now available

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If you’re more of a tea drinker than a coffee enthusiast, you’ll love the new boutique tea range available from Java Drive!

Delicious loose-leaf tea, hand-blended in South Australia by The Devotea, is now aboard the Java Drive van. Teas currently available are:

  • Lord Petersham – a smooth, complex blend, perfect for afternoon or high teas. Can be served with or without milk.
  • Jim’s Caravan – a Russian caravan-style tea, with some Indian tea to make it light enough to drink all day. Usually served without milk.
  • Lady Devotea – Australian-grown lavender and oranges combine with lively bergamot and an exquisite base. Can be served with or without milk.
  • All That Jasmine – traditional green floral blend, with a flavourful burst of Vietnamese green tea. Usually served without milk.
  • Aussie Ginger Chai – warm and spicy Australian-grown tea with dried ginger chunks, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom. Can be served with or without milk.
  • Fleurs de Provence – genuine ‘bourbon’ vanilla pieces, lavender flowers and blue cornflowers blended with fine black and white tea. Can be served with or without milk.
  • If you prefer your tea sweetened, we have both sugar and honey available.

Platinum Coffee Cards now available!

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Java Drive is now offering pre-paid coffee cards.

If you love coffee, but don’t always have change, try out a Java Drive Platinum Coffee Card.

For the cost of 9 cups of your favourite coffee you will receive a card to be stamped when you order – no need for cash each time – and each card entitles you to 10 cups of coffee!


No longer incognito!

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I’ve been looking forward to having some signwriting applied to the Java Drive van for a while now, but yesterday was the big day when it happened! Now I’m no longer travelling incognito, but proudly displaying the Java Drive logo and contact details everywhere I go. Look out for it around the streets of Adelaide!
Java Drive mobile coffee van

A hot one today at the Open Market!

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Did you know we have delicious frappes and smoothies? They were popular in today’s warm weather at the Original Open Market, Christies Beach 🙂

Java Drive will be back at the market with delicious coffee (plus frappes and smoothies, icecream and cold drinks) again on the first Sunday in March!

New coffee beans?

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I will be trialling a new coffee tomorrow after spending some time taste-testing different blends with my roaster. I’m looking forward to finding out what people think! If you buy a coffee in the next day or two, make sure you grab a feedback form and when you return it I will make you a free small cup of coffee to say thanks 🙂

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